Tuesday, 5 June 2007


This image was the Top Favourite from the 'Tool' challenge on Macroday.com - July 2007


erminia said...

This looks more like the art-tool of a painter than the "trowel" of a plasterer.
Striking composition; I love its form, colour and texture.


Florian said...

It's dared to make an abstract photography with a trowel ! But it's successful then, cheer !
I love the monochromatic tones.

images said...

yes, indeed! but...doesn't each manual gesture (like that of holding and using a trowel) need an abstract act (of thinking) to move and justify itself?


Ekim said...

Wonderful tones and abstract design. Excellent shot.

elaine said...

wow this is tunning! the colors, shapes textures everything i love!

Maarten said...

almost abstract :-) nice !